Tottenham stars show off their NFL knowledge

A number of Tottenham Hotspur’s stars were involved in an NFL Challenge recently, where they were tasked to show everyone what their knowledge was like about American Football.

Those that follow the sport will quickly realise that there are a couple of games typically held at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium on an annual basis, therefore making it no real surprise that the north London outfit were chosen as a team to participate in the small quiz.

Selected to take part in the Betway Insider video was Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Sergio Reguilon, Ben Davies, and Lucas Moura and it quickly became apparent that some of them knew more about the NFL more than others.

Whilst it was not revealed whether they were fans and followers of the sport, or whether they had taken in the games that had been played at their home stadium, it was clear that Davies and Moura knew their stuff.

The NFL challenge had three different rounds in which the two sets of teams were required to navigate and overcome, with the following order being taken:

  • Round 1 featured a game of charades
  • Round 2 was a round that looked to test the players’ knowledge regarding certain NFL jargon
  • Round 3 was a geography-based game where they had to place the teams on a map

Round 1 started well for Hojbjerg and Reguilon, as they managed to take a quick lead after the Dane was able to correctly answer four of the charades that the Spanish left-back had managed to provide, whilst Moura’s attempts saw Davies manage to get three.

However, the second round is where everything changed and the Brazilian/Welsh duo took control of this NFL Challenge.

It was clear that the pair were up to date with the terminology that is used in the sport as they were able to decipher what some of the commonly used phrases and terms meant, whereas the Dane and Spaniard simply did not know what they were being asked. Indeed, whilst they were given a point for ‘fumble’, they certainly fumbled their way through the round.

Round 3 saw the players be tested with their American geography as they were required to place the NFL teams in the locations that they believed they played their home games in.

At the end of the competition, Davies and Moura were announced as winners – to the surprise of the Welshman – as they managed to win 12-11.