Role of Managers and Some Best in the Business

As the years go by, it becomes more and more evident that a man’s ability on the pitch has no effect on his talent on the bench, and some of the best coaches in world football at the time were genuinely mediocre, or even worse than the mediocre players themselves. Over the years, we have seen several world-class football players seamlessly transition into some of the best football managers in the world.

Football is the only game where the coaches are as famous as the players.  Managing a football team requires a wide range of talents and a deep understanding of the game. Football team managers can create or destroy a team. Being tactically astute, managers must work individually with players to motivate and train them. Yes, managers help guide players and name teams based on who’s available and not; it’s not that hard to choose who will play best with specific teams.

Now an integral part of Italian football, Serie A is the best place for Luciano Spalletti. Yes, Luciano Spalletti currently manages Napoli in Italy. This former Italian footballer and a great coach is an influential figure in the history of Italian football. Italian football manager Roberto Mancini started his career as a manager at Fiorentina in 2001 and went on to take charge of several high-profile clubs such as Manchester City and Inter.

One of the most high-profile Italian coach Antonio Conte’s era, Conte has earned his place among the most successful football managers in history. Italy’s former head coach Antonio Conte has managed his national team throughout his time, playing for some of the wealthiest football teams in the world. The Italian manager has worked for some of the biggest football clubs like Inter Milan, Chelsea and Tottenham.

During the reign of Hansi Flick, Bayern Munich completely dominated world football. Munich won it all in the season under him, though Flick was not awarded the FIFA Best Manager award; we all know he is one of them.

From Didier Deschamps to Mario Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer, some of the biggest football stars have won world titles as coaches. Without a doubt, Bill Struth is the second most successful coach in European football history, but he is the most successful coach who has never played football and won a trophy. Chile boss Manuel Pellegrini is considered by many to be one of the best managers in the Premier League and is fourth on the list of the most successful managers of all time. Spanish coach Josep Guardiola, who currently manages Premier League club Manchester City, is fifth of the most successful managers of all time.

No coach in football has been as successful for as long as Sir Alex Ferguson. Throughout 26 seasons, Ferguson’s team won 13 English leagues and 25 other national and international trophies, giving him a total winning of nearly double that of the next manager of the most successful English club.