PSG send Saint-Etienne into the relegation zone

PSG – Saint-Etienne PSG was played on Saturday, February 26, 2022. Kylian Mbappe has led Paris Saint-Germain twice, scoring a goal on Saturday to beat troubled Saint-Étienne 3-1 to extend his Ligue 1 lead to 15 points. 

The new regime Pascal Dupraz introduced to Saint-Étienne is starting to work wonders as Saint-Étienne exited the relegation zone and held Strasbourg 2-2 in week 25 of play. It was a typical Paris Saint-Germain slow start, and Saint-Étienne earned the lead when Denis Bouanga took advantage of a mistake by Danilo Pereiras to go home, leaving Gianluigi Donnarumma without a chance. In the 16th minute, Danilo Pereira was caught trying to dribble from the edge of his area and was duly penalised by Denis Bouanga. The latter shot powerfully into the bottom corner to give Saint-Étienne a shocking lead.

Not only has Kylian Mbappe amassed more than enough deposits to break the knees of Real Madrid fans, but Lionel Messi has also made excellent passes that have helped cement his career at PSG. Paris Saint-Germain’s first two goals on Saturday night – thus completing the turnaround – came from the magic boot of Messi, who continued his tendency to better navigate than the score in Ligue 1. Lionel Messi’s two accurate passing passes enabled Kylian Mbappe to score. Minutes after half-time, the Argentine genius drew five defenders in the second before pushing Kylian Mbappe to achieve in a typical fashion.

Mbappé returned the ball to Lionel Messi at the edge of the penalty area and beat two defenders, drawing five players to him before poking the ball at the running striker, who scored his second goal of the night. Kylian Mbappe saved the Runaway League leaders Paris Saint-Germain by scoring late goals this season and scoring from both sides of the half before witnessing midfielder Danilo’s third goal in the 52nd minute at the Parc des Princes. With two goals from Kylian Mbappe, he joined former PSG striker Zlatan Ibrahimović in PSG’s all-time goalscoring record as he equalised with 156 goals.

In the previous match, Saint-Etienne had 51% possession of the ball and had nine shots on goal, 4 of them on purpose. The numbers speak for themselves: Saint-Etienne has scored in 5 of Saint-Etienne’s last six games, with opposing teams scoring a total of 6 goals. Meanwhile, the struggling Saint-Etienne remained in 16th place in the standings and just one point above the relegation zone; this loss saw them go to the 19th position as the other team rescued at least a point below them.

 It was a particularly emotional evening for football purists who enjoyed an extraordinary passing or burst of creativity.  Not winning the league last year, PSG has come out strong this season and have an unassailable lead at the top of the table.