Nobody has ever hit as many penalties as Manchester United

“The submarine did not have time to return, as it left. She will return already on September 12, i.e. a month and a half for us to live without our favorite championship. But we will not be upset, because in two weeks we will be pleased with the RPL again, and on August 1, the FNL will start, if anything. Leicester – Manchester United is the match we’re talking about. Leicester need to win, a draw will suit the Fox only if Chelsea lose against Wolverhampton. United will be happy with a draw here, ”says Artur Petrosyan.

Leicester are not very cool, to put it mildly, they are holding a post-pandemic segment – the team won only 2 times during this time with 9 attempts. In general, the game is not what we are used to, what it was in the first half of the championship. How can this be explained? First of all, the absence of three key players – Chilwell, Pereira and Maddison. These are the three players who created 85-90% of the attacking actions of the team. All constructiveness came from them. It is clear that all intra-team mechanisms were disrupted after they were injured overnight.

Problems became noticeable, primarily in creation. In addition, Seyuncu, Leicester’s best defender, is still disqualified. Instead, 36-year-old 100-kilogram Wes Morgan will play against Manchester United. I think Leicester will have problems here. I am afraid that they will not be able to win here – at best they will get a draw, ”Petrosyan continues.

“There has been a lot of talk about United lately. Yes, the last two games were not very successful for the Mankunians, but they are the same interesting, fast and young team that continues to progress. I think that here she can be considered a favorite. Most likely, she will achieve what she wants. We shouldn’t also forget about the judging factor – they have been awarded penalties 13 times in favor of Manchester United this season, which is a Premier League record. Never and no one has been assigned so many 11-meters for one season. By the way, last season United were also among the leaders – they were given penalties 12 times. This is another argument in favor of United in this decisive match for them.

If we talk about the rates, then you can bet on X2 and the total is less than 3.5. Most likely, the second half will be more effective than the first, due to the fact that it will essentially be a cup confrontation. In the first half, the opponents will act carefully, and after the break, when one of them will certainly need to score, the game should open up and there will be more chances, ”the football journalist emphasizes.

The third thing I would like to draw your attention to is that Leicester has changed stylistically for the reasons I have already mentioned. If earlier “foxes” attacked with flanks more often, carried out quick attacks and counterattacks, now, due to the fact that problems with the constructive began to arise, they began to tinker more with the ball, try to create something, which began to be reflected in the statistics. This is potentially a match in which bookmakers can give inaccurate quotes. Perhaps they will consider United to be the favorite in this respect, but it seems to me that Leicester is the favorite right now. Most likely, the “foxes” will have the ball more here. “

Let us remind you that Manchester United after 37 rounds takes 3rd place in the Premier League table with 63 points. The same number of points have Chelsea, which is located on the 4th position. Leicester have 62 points and 5th place in the table. Wolverhampton with 59 points are in 6th place. The Premier League winner this season was Liverpool with 96 points. 2nd place – ManCity – 78 points.