Artur Petrosyan: “ManCity is already the leader of the Premier League in terms of points lost”

Football journalist Artur Petrosyan gave a forecast for the Premier League match of the 2020/21 season Manchester City – Aston Villa. This rescheduled Round 1 game will take place on January 20 at 9:00 p.m. ET.

“If it were not for the coronavirus attack that fell on Aston Villa, the ten main players quarantined, and 19 days without football, one would risk assuming that the Birminghamans would fight. But fate turned out differently, and now it seems that the chances of Dean Smith’s team here are close to zero, ”says Artur Petrosyan.

City, meanwhile, won their eighth straight win. In the last four games they have not conceded, and in the last they have finally won big – the last time in the Premier League match they won big already in November, – the journalist continues. – Guardiola’s team is moving well, effective in front, and De Bruyne is marked with assists in three games in a row. I do not think that anything can prevent City from winning a landslide victory here. By the way, they are already the leaders of the Premier League in terms of points lost, and they will probably only strengthen their position. “

Recall that Manchester City is the third in the Premier League table with 35 points after 17 games, above the townspeople is Manchester United with 37 points after 18 games, as well as Leicester – 38 (19). Aston Villa is in 11th place with 26 points.Denis Kazansky: Chelsea is in a mini-crisis and Leicester is soaring incredibly high
Chelsea is in a mini-crisis and Leicester is soaring incredibly high

Commentator for Match TV Denis Kazansky expressed his opinion about the match of the 18th round of the Premier League Leicester – Chelsea. The game will take place on January 19, beginning at 23:15 Moscow time.

“Great match. Leicester play against Chelsea. Chelsea had a series of setbacks, it was tough against Fulham, but Frank Lampard got the right result. It doesn’t matter how hard Chelsea play, it seems that the team is in a mini-crisis, unlike Leicester, which soars incredibly high, ”says Denis Kazansky.

“If we take Chelsea, three losses in four away games is a lot. If we take Leicester, then the team is playing effectively. Against the tops, for example. Tottenham scored two, Manchester scored two, Southampton recently scored two. This regularity in the attack suggests that for Leicester everything in the attack will be quite smooth, ”continues the Match TV commentator.

“Jamie Vardy came on as a substitute at Southampton, complained about his hip. But I think he will be fine. He will play in the starting lineup. Leicester’s performance is good, Chelsea’s nervousness is obvious, so there could be a productive game here. “