Arthur Petrosyan: Tottenham are in better condition than Liverpool

Football journalist Artur Petrosyan gave a forecast for the match of the 13th round of the Premier League season 2020/21 Liverpool – Tottenham. The game will take place on December 16, beginning at 23:00 Moscow time.

Liverpool – Tottenham – the central long-awaited Premier League match. The Lersisides seem to be doing well, the team is at the top of the standings, lost only once, in the Champions League finished in first place with a margin, but if you look closely, there are problems, there are a lot of them. It concerns not only the game, but also the personnel, – says Artur Petrosyan. – The last match against Fulham, which Liverpool did not win, the team finished with a pair of central defenders Henderson – Fabinho. Matip was damaged, added to the infirmary to Van Dyck and Joe Gomez. It turns out that for the central match the teams are left with practically no central defenders. Most likely, Fabinho will play again and, most likely, Phillips will come out, who has not so much experience – he only played two games for Liverpool this season. “

“In terms of the game, the problems are also visible. Things are not so sharp ahead. Mane has not scored 8 games already, he is 2.5 times worse in xG than last season. Firmino scored only 2 goals, Salah scored 10, but half of them from the penalty spot. It would seem that Zhota came in very handy with his appearance, refreshed the game of Liverpool in the attack, adding sharpness and variability to it, but he was also injured. He, too, will not be in the next couple of months, so it will not be easy for Liverpool, “Petrosyan is convinced.

Tottenham are showing championship performance this season, as is usually the case with Mourinho’s championship teams. Tottenham operates almost flawlessly in the game without the ball, it has a powerful center of the field. A good team in counterattacks – Son and Kane interact very well. Tottenham has already broken several records in terms of the number of goals scored by these two players, the football journalist notes.

Tottenham has no problems yet. Physically, the team does not act very energy intensively – apparently, this is one of the keys to success. Everything is working. I would not make a problem from the last game, where Tottenham could not beat Crystal Palace, as the team played well as always. Spurs scored the ball and operated in an energy-saving mode for the rest of the time. Usually a goal is a guarantee of victory for Mourinho’s teams, but Crystal Palace has improved recently, Zaa is back, etc., etc. Somehow “Palace” scored their own ball and took away the victory from Tottenham. But I don’t think this is a big problem for Tottenham.

Based on the above, it seems that Tottenham are in better shape than Liverpool. Perhaps now is a good time for Liverpool’s 65-game unbeaten record streak at Anfield in England to end. “

Tottenham and Liverpool have the same number of points in the Premier League after 12 matches – 25 points each. Both teams are in the lead in the tournament. This is followed by Leicester – 24 points, Southampton – 23, which also had 12 meetings, and then Chelsea – 22 (after 13 games).