Arthur Petrosyan: Liverpool will not lose to Arsenal and both teams will score

“Less than a year has passed since Arteta’s appointment to Arsenal, and the Spaniard has managed to change a lot. Firstly, the team has become better in the organization, and secondly, it has ceased to shake hands against physically strong rivals, which previously happened regularly. Thirdly, Arteta psychologically changed his charges. The team has ceased to shade in matches with the giants. Arsenal have won two trophies in the last couple of months, beating Chelsea in the FA Cup final and Liverpool’s Super Cup, ”says Arthur Petrosyan.

“In addition, in the same two months, Arsenal beat Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-finals and Liverpool in the league. This is not a story about Arsenal, which we are used to seeing, now this team knows how to play with any opponent. It is also a tactically flexible team. In all four of these games, Arsenal have had between 20% and 40% maximum possession. It would be difficult to imagine a similar style of play from the times of Wenger, Emery or Ljungberg. Now Arsenal is such a universal team that can do everything, – the journalist continues. – It’s been a long time since Arsenal have had to sing the praises of Arsenal. If recently he was a real laughing stock, now it is an interesting team that is interesting to watch. One of the main things that Arteta managed to do was to persuade the main star Aubameyang to stay in the team. The African wanted to leave and was not going to renew the contract, but he made sure that there was progress and the club turned into a team capable of winning trophies. So he stayed. This is one of the main successes of Arteta as head coach. “

“As for Liverpool, in the last couple of years we have become accustomed to associating high expectations with the game of Liverpool. When this does not happen, then we are disappointed. This has been happening in the past few weeks. Yes, Chelsea were beaten, but not confidently. Only after Chelsea were outnumbered did Liverpool find it easier to play and the goals were scored. In principle, there are still enough complaints: both in movement, and in defense, and in playing without the ball. Due to the individual skill of some of the players, Liverpool gains victories, says Petrosyan. – The addition of a midfielder to midfield like Thiago is a big plus for both Liverpool and the entire Premier League. There is simply no other such player in the Premier League. I think Liverpool will add. How quickly – time will tell, but so far the roughness is visible. “

“With regard to this particular match, Liverpool will have a territorial and playing advantage, especially if Thiago is in the starting lineup. There are no questions about ownership, but with regards to the rates, both teams will differ here, while Liverpool will not lose. Liverpool are far from ideal in the game without the ball, and Arsenal are playing well against such teams now. Given the presence of Aubameyang and other performers who are good in counter attacking style, you can expect that he will convert his chances. Liverpool will also create a lot, ”says Arthur Petrosyan.

“On the corners, I think Liverpool will have the advantage. In all but one match, Arsenal have lost on corners. Everything suggests that if Liverpool have an advantage, there will be more chances for corners. In the first two rounds, Liverpool took 20 corners. It seems to me that the chances are great that at least seven Merseysiders will serve ”.

Arsenal and Liverpool have 6 points each after two Premier League games. Leading in the tournament are Leicester and Everton, with 9 points each after three rounds.